Black String “Moo Yor” 10g- Local weed

Can be made from quality “Hangkarok” (Squirrel Tail) cannabis flowers or another Thai strain . Also called “Thai Stick” in western countries, more commonly called “Moo Yor” here in Thailand. This is one of the most potent and fresh weed we have. You better use this weed as a evening smoke. Seller told us that this is the one that old smokers described as mixed with opium. But this is what the legend says, we all know the truth about that claim.

Local weed from Thailand-Laos border. We order this from trustable sources and guarantee freshness and quality. This cannabis is grade B, not as flavorful as import strain but it is still sticky, well dried and cured. Affordable choice for recreational use.

Our weed flowers are sold by grams. 1 unit is 10 grams for this product.



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THC/CBD level: About 15% THC level, low CBD

Shipping: Free shipping by ThailandPost EMS service. Discreet and odorless packaging.

Payment: We will send to your place (can be hotel, you just need a Thai mobile number, or arrange with your lobby staff) . When package arrive you pay to the delivery man, don't need to transfer before if you can't.

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