Who are we?

We are just some local Thai farmers who like to smoke weed also. We aren’t lazy because we smoke and never missed a day of job because of cannabis. Ganja here doesn’t make us too stone to stay in bed or looking TV or social media. Our local strains here in Thailand are Sativa or Sativa dominant kind of plant. They make you energetic, relaxed, and creative. Sometimes paranoia may appear but it depends on people and on quality. For quality, you need to know the right people or produce by yourself. We do both. From over the years we found good connection and we are sharing our local products with you, the same we also smoke. Let’s be clear, we are thais and we love good quality local weed but we also appreciate exotic strains, like the imported weed we find now in Thailand. As we worry about those shops only business oriented, we also buy from people we know or grow our own plants. This is briefly what we do and propose here. No big quantity, no aim to make big money, just propose quality. Quality always comes first for your body. If you have any questions you can contact us.

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