How to order?

It is quite easy, just choose the products you want and add them to your cart. Then you proceed to checkout, select your payment method, pay and that’s it.

How to pay?

We accept different payment methods:

-Cash On Delivery: You don’t need to pay after ordering, you pay directly to the delivery man when you receive the package.

-Bank transfer: Just transfer money to our bank account. Do not forget to contact us, share the payment receipt and your order id. We will then update your order status and send your order.

-Truemoney wallet: If you don’t have a bank account, you can use this application available for your smartphone. Download it, register, refill your account and you are ready to pay. Contact us when payment is done.

-Cryptos: We also accept cryptocurrencies. Contact us.

Is weed legal in Thailand?

Absolutely. It is now legal to consume cannabis or grow your own plants. Of course you can’t do it in public, as for smoking and drinking you do it in some specific place or quietly at home. You can even take the plane with your weed as you would do with your tobacco. Police can’t charge you for possessing cannabis in public because¬†since June 9th, 2022, weed has been completely removed from Thailand’s list of controlled drugs. But they can make problem if you go to smoke to a police station, an airport, a hospital, a restaurant, a school. It’s legal now, take it easy and enjoy!

Any question? Just contact us

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