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Those selected cannabis local delights will blow your mind wihtout burning your wallet. Only great products are available here. Our quality standard never goes down, only the price. High-quality bricks, fresh, smelly, and full of flavor but also one of the most famous weeds in the world, the “Thai Stick”. 

Thai Ganja Golden Foil Brick
Thai STick weed strain
REd String Thai Weed

50g Only at ฿1200

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"Bought that red string weed, great quality at that price"

Dan Virgillito

Interior Designer

“That black brick is actually sticky, smels good and do the job, will buy more soon. Thanks"

Dan Virgillito


"This golden foil brick is strong. Love it"

Martin Espinosa


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If you are tired to smoke but still want to enjoy your cannabis treat, why not to make oil from it?Another way to enjoy your Ganja is to make oil. The good thing about Thailand is that there is really affordable option like the brick weed we propose on our site. We...

Exploring Thailand Cannabis Strains: A Guide to Nature’s Bounty

When one thinks of Thailand, beautiful beaches, rich culture, and tantalizing cuisine often come to mind. However, in recent years, Thailand has gained recognition in the world of cannabis for its diverse and potent strains. The country's ideal climate and long...

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