Bubble Kush


Bubble Kush is an indica-dominant beast made up of 80% indica genetics and 20% sativa genetics. By default, this genetic balance makes Bubble Kush a smoke for the evening, when some serious down time and relaxation is needed. The relaxing effects will also assist with sleep and possibly stress. Bubble Kush is derived from parent strains Bubble Gum and OG Kush. This combination has resulted in a potent THC content of 19%.

This weed is organic grown in our own garden. Well dried and cured.

Our weed flowers are sold by grams. 1 unit is 1 gram

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THC levels: For the Bubble Kush Strain typically fall between 19%.
Shipping: Free shipping by ThailandPost EMS service. Discreet and odorless packaging.

Payment: We will send to your place (can be hotel, you just need a Thai mobile number, or arrange with your lobby staff) . When package arrive you pay to the delivery man, don’t need to transfer before if you can’t.

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